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5 de Septiembre 2023

EAU Crystal Matula Award 2024 for a young promising European urologist

La European Association of Urology (EAU) ha convocado el Premio Crystal Matula 2024. Este galardón puede ser solicitado por cualquier urólogo menor de 40 años que lo solicite, pero ha de hacerse mediante la Asociación Nacional correspondiente dentro del ámbito de la EAU. Los solicitantes españoles han de hacerlo mediante la Asociación Española de Urología, antes del 20 de octubre de 2023, en el correo, indicando en el asunto del correo "Premio Crystal Matula 2024", y aportando la documentación exigida de acuerdo con las siguientes bases de la EAU:

The EAU Crystal Matula Award 2024 is the most prestigious prize given to a young promising European urologist aged 40 or under who has the potential to become one of the future leaders in academic European urology. The award will be presented at the Opening Ceremony of the upcoming 38th Annual EAU Congress in Paris, 5-8 April  2024, during the Opening Ceremony.

The EAU Crystal Matula Award is the most prestigious prize given to a young promising European urologist aged 40 or under who should have the capacity of becoming – or is already considered as – one of the future leaders in academic European urology. This award is the European counterpart of the AUA Gold Cystoscope Award.

Candidates for this award should be endorsed by a general agreement of its national urological association. Hence, the proposal should be done through the national urological society by supplying the following documents:

  • Letter of endorsement
  • Motivation letter
  • Complete curriculum vitae
  • List of publications in the below sequence:
    1. Peer reviewed papers (including the impact factors of the journals)
      • original articles
      • reviews
      • case reports
    2. Book chapters or editor of books
  • Overview of grants received from (inter-)national institutions or from the industry
  • List of received Awards

Please note that individuals can apply as well, but they also need to be endorsed by the national society. The EAU Executive will then do the final selection and announce the EAU Crystal Matula Award 2024 recipient at the upcoming EAU Congress, which will be held in Paris from 5-8 April 2024.


Previous winners of the EAU Crystal Matula Award:

1996 Paris F.C. Hamdy, Oxford, United Kingdom

1998 Barcelona F. Montorsi, Milan, Italy

1999 Stockholm G. Thalmann, Berne, Switzerland

2000 Brussels A.R. Zlotta, Toronto, Canada

2001 Geneva B. Djavan, Vienna, Austria

2002 Birmingham M. Kuczyk, Hanover, Germany

2003 Madrid B. Malavaud, Toulouse, France

2004 Vienna P.F.A. Mulders, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

2005 Istanbul M.P. Matikainen, Nokia, Finland

2006 Paris A. De La Taille, Creteil, France

2007 Berlin M.S. Michel, Mannheim, Germany

2008 Milan V. Ficarra, Padua, Italy

2009 Stockholm M.J. Ribal, Barcelona, Spain

2010 Barcelona J.W.F. Catto, Sheffield, United Kingdom

2011 Vienna S.G. Joniau, Leuven, Belgium

2012 Paris P.J. Bastian, Düsseldorf, Germany

2013 Milan P. Boström, Turku, Finland

2014 Stockholm S.F. Shariat, Vienna, Austria

2015 Madrid M. Rouprêt, Paris, France

2016 Munich A. Briganti, Milan, Italy

2017 London C. Gratzke, Munich, Germany

2018 Copenhagen S. Silay, Istanbul, Turkey

2019 Barcelona M. Albersen, Leuven, Belgium

2020 EAU20 virtual D. Tilki, Hamburg, Germany

2021 EAU21 virtual V. Phé, Paris, France

2022 Amsterdam V. Kasivisvanathan, London, United Kingdom

2023 Milan J. Gómez Rivas, Madrid, Spain